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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners -2020

electric knife sharpener

What’s the most important tool in your kitchen?

A knife.

However, whether you’ve purchased a good chef’s knife or acquired one from your local store, chances are that it will go blunt sooner or later. When that happens, your knife will slide off the food, thereby making cooking a dangerous process.

Hence the reason why you need a good knife sharpener.

Apart from taking the danger out of the picture, but electric knife sharpeners – by sharpening the blade – also make cutting easy.

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

In this comparison table, we’re going to give you a birds’ eye view of the major features of some electric knife sharpeners. For a detailed review, scroll down to the review section.

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1. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV

One of the best-selling knife sharpeners on Amazon – the Chef’s Choice is one of the best-rated as well. To gauge whether or not it justifies its lofty reputation, let’s look at its features.


First things first, the Chef’s Choice has a three-stage sharpening process – with the first two stages using pure diamond abrasive to not only sharpen the blade but also create bevels on the knife for added durability.

As for the third phase, it gives the blade a smooth finish by gently smothering and polishing the sharpened knife with its stropping material-plated slots. What’s more, all three stages have a flexible angle guide, which means you won’t have to resort to guesswork to estimate the sharpening angle.

What’s more, increasing the utility of this sharpener is this knife converter. Whether you have a 20-degree knife or 15-degree knife, it will sharpen both to a 15-degree edge. That means you can sharpen almost all types of knives with the Trizor.

Furthermore, in contrast to other electric sharpeners, the Trizor isn’t loud – with its noise ranging between the bearable limit of 65 dB and 75 dB. It also features a convenient on/off switch and comes with a 3-year limited warranty as well.


  • Flexible Angle Guides
  • Sharpening discs made of diamond abrasives
  • The three-stage process gives sharpening and smothering
  • Contains a converter


  • Diamond abrasives might be harsh for delicate knives

As a mere glance on its features would tell, the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV has everything you might look for in a high-end knife sharpener.

2. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Provided you were impressed with all the features of the Chef’s Knife – but want a model which could sharpen other tools as well – this knife and tool sharpener might be just what you need.


Starting from the best this model has to offer, and its versatility comes into play. Its sharpening angle is such that you can sharpen not only straight but curved blades as well. What’s more, it could even handle blades with unconventional shapes.

Furthermore, having the option to increase/decrease the speed of the motor has its own advantages. For instance, if you want to remove damaged or rusty material from the blade, turn up the speed. Conversely, if you want to simply hone your knife, tone down the motor.

Yet another notable feature of this model is its changeable sharpening angle. It does that by providing a turning dial on its control panel. That means you can sharpen serrated, hunting, kitchen, fillet or even pocket knives. All you have to do is to just set the correct angle using the dial.

Since it comes with three flexible bands – which have fine, medium and coarse abrasive properties – you can even sharpen a curved blade with this model. Despite all these heavy-duty features, the motor is designed to provide a single-hand grip and has a working time of one hour without heating up.


  • Sharpens knives as well as tools
  • Variable motor speed
  • Has a dial for controlling sharpening angle
  • Three flexible bands


  • Is a bit on the bulky side

Provided you have no problem handling the bulkiness of this model, we see no reason why you shouldn’t go for the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.

3. Edge Keeper Electric Knife Sharpener

If the previously reviewed model was on the bulkier side, the Edge Keeper is as slim as they come. So you’d have no complaints about the dimensions of this model.


In case you were thinking, the compact dimensions of this model haven’t deprived it of utility. Instead, despite its slim shape, it boasts two-stage sharpening – the first of which removes out rusty material from the blade with the second leaving behind polished edges.

The pre-set sharpening angle of this tool comes across as a double-edged sword. Where on one end it provides most tools with the recommended 15-degree edges. On the other, it reduces its usefulness when dealing with 20-degree blades.

On the flip side, it automatically positions the blades to take the guesswork out of the equation. You also get a unique internal magnet which, by sucking in all the shavings, leaves the tool nice and tidy. Then there are the rubber feet which imparts added stability to the model.

Finishing on a low note, you cannot use this sharpener for thicker edges. That is, because, its sharpening angle isn’t made for serrated or ceramic knives.


  • 2-stage sharpening
  • Positions blade automatically
  • Internal magnet sucks in shavings
  • Sharpening wheels are diamond coated.


  • Not recommended for serrated or ceramic knives

Despite all its shortcomings – and it hasn’t got a lot of them – the Edge Keeper with its reduced price tag and high functionality is a must-have for most homes.

4. Work Sharp Culinary E5

Doing away with the fixed abrasive which we saw with the Edge Keeper, the E5 has instead opted for a flexible, abrasive belt. Does this unique design make the E5 worth-having? Let’s find out.


Starting with a glance at its design, the E5 uses a 17-degree angle guide with a rotating belt. In plain English, that means that its sharpening belt isn’t fixed but flexible. That means you can rely on it to sharpen almost any type of knife blade.

One dilemma which is common with other sharpeners – and which you won’t encounter with the E5 – is deciding when to stop. That is, because, it has a pre-programmed auto-shutoff feature which turns off the model once the knife is sharpened to the optimum level.

Furthermore, while the speed of this knife sharpener is also amazing – since it completes the whole process within 90 seconds – what we really like is its built-in vacuum. It sucks in all the debris to make sure that your counter (as well as the sharpener itself) remains free of debris.

Lastly, we finish our review of the E5 by discussing two highly-useful features – the first of which is it’s ceramic honing rod. By giving off a polished sharpener, it gives you that bit extra.

Then you have the Micro Forge port running through which you can condition the knife to easily cut through both soft and hard to cut.


  • Flexible abrasive belt
  • Has an Angle Guide
  • Built-in vacuum to suck in debris
  • Auto-shutoff feature.


  • The preset angle is 17 degree.

Granted, the Work Sharp Culinary E5 is anything but cheap. Though there is nothing in its price tag which the above mentioned features won’t be able to justify with ease.

5. Presto 08800 Ever Sharp

With due respect to other brands mentioned in this review, Presto is a household name for making the best electric knife sharpeners.


Simplicity is one feature which we admire the most about the Ever Sharp. It has a two-step procedure; the first of which involves the grinding of the knife to remove hard rust. The second, meanwhile, hone the blade by letting you pass the blade through the two remaining slots.

Since you get all the slots in an angle, there is no need to guesstimate the blade’s sharpening angle. Giving it a touch of excellence is Sapphirite which gears the sharpening wheels. Thanks to it, you get a slight micro-serration on the blade’s edge, which gives it a super-sharp edge.

Furthermore, since it has interchangeable blade guides, you get three sharpening angles in the package. Then there is the slider which lets you choose between thin, thick or medium blades.

That means you can use that regardless of their thickness, all-metal knives – from the cleavers to chef’s – are usable with this model. Though you cannot use this model for ceramic knives.


  • Gives super-sharp edge
  • Simple to use
  • The slider gives three blade options
  • Interchangeable blade guides.


  • Can’t sharpen ceramic knives.

For those of you who don’t have a ceramic knife in their kitchen, they shouldn’t have a second thought while purchasing the Presto 08800 Ever Sharp.

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners – Buying Guide

Think the abovementioned product reviews are enough? Think again as without knowing the features which separate the best electric knife sharpeners from the riffraff, you should make a decision.

Sharpener Materials

Visit the market, and you’d come across four types of sharpeners: carbides, steel, diamond flecks, and ceramic. Diamond flecks are the best – since they cause less friction and provide a gentler, softer sharpening process. Also, they are less likely to damage the blades.

Carbides, meanwhile, while not as good as diamond flecks – are certainly not as expensive. That means if you can’t afford to pay over the odds, go for carbide. As for steel and ceramic, they aren’t any good for sharpening. Instead, their utility lies in honing – which is the process of cleaning up the blade’s edge.

Sharpening Angle

Generally speaking, knife generally comes in two angles: the 20-degree European style and the 15-degree Asian model. Regardless of which sharpener you choose, make sure it is able to sharpen both these angles, at the very least.

However, if you’re unsure about the angle of your knife, you might go for an adjustable knife sharpener. As the name suggests, it lets you adjust your angle so as to maximize its utility.


In contrast to what most people believe, sharpeners aren’t only good for refining the blade. Provided you can afford to spend a bit extra, you can get yourselves a multi-stage sharpener – one which could hone and sharpen at the same time.

Conversely, if you want a knife which offers precision grinding, coarse grinding, and polishing at the same time, go for a three-stage sharpener. Lastly, if all you want is compactness – and a sharpener which is a cinch to use – you’d do well with a one-stage process.

Multiple Slots

As you might guess, not all knives are equally blunt, which means some of them might require less grinding than the others which have gone coarser. What you need, therefore, is multiple slots in your sharpener. By providing different slots, it makes sure each knife gets a customized cutting implement.


There you have them; six of the best electric knife sharpeners money can buy. From the ridiculously cheap to the astronomically expensive – and from sleek and compact to bulky and heavy-duty models – this article has everything you need. Now the onus is on you to make your decision and select what you think is the best electric knife sharpener for your needs.

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